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Successful transcriptionists need to have the following skills:

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Avoid these mistakes in Transcription

Phonetically spelling words
“Speed” transcribing
Poor research
Bad headphones and transcription software
Lack of proof reading

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Why Transcribing Your Videos is Important?

Publishing your videos is a great marketing strategy and easy way to reach potential clients. Why do you need to have your video transcribed? People will watch video after all, aren’t they? Here are the benefits of using video transcription service.

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How much should I pay for Transcription Services?

An increasing number of people use transcription services for different reasons. When you are looking for a good transcription service, one of the questions you may ask yourself is how much should you to pay for transcribing your files?

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Academic Transcription Service

Who is typically using transcription services? Journalists, researchers, managers and, of course, students.

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Human Transcription VS Voice Recognition Software

Transcription services are used worldwide today. There are many voice recognition applications designed to read the speech of clearly spoken English.

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Eight Questions to Ask your Transcription Service

If you need to have your recorded interviews, lectures, phone calls or discussions transcribed, welcome to transcription service. If it is the first time you use a transcription service, you can ask them several questions to ensure that you will receive professional transcriptions for reasonable price.

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Save Your Time and Money with a Professional Transcription Service

Lots of business entities, medical centers, colleges and other organizations need to transcribe their recordings. Who will make transcriptions for them? Staff members or professional transcription service?

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How Receive Great Transcriptions

All transcription services would like to provide excellent transcriptions to their clients. However, sometimes transcribing audio files is very difficult. You may really help your transcription service to improve accuracy of your transcriptions. Here are some ways to do it.

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