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How Receive Great Transcriptions

All transcription services would like to provide excellent transcriptions to their clients. However, sometimes transcribing audio files is very difficult. You may really help your transcription service to improve accuracy of your transcriptions. Here are some ways to do it.

Explain your needs

The main thing the transcription service needs to know – what is your purpose. Do you need verbatim transcription? Do you need to add speakers’ accents and emotions into your transcription? Do you need timestamps? Should we change incorrect pronunciation of words? Talk to your transcription service and explain what do you want in advance and you will get the best transcriptions.

Improve the quality of your recordings

Sometimes transcriptionists should work with bad quality audio recordings. A load background noise or muffled voices affect the quality of a recording. Transcriptionists should work very hard to understand what is being said. If they can’t work out what the missing words are the client should fill in the gaps. Try to choose a quiet place to make your recordings and spend some time making a test recording to ensure that the quality is good enough.

Provide additional information

Usually transcription services require some additional information to uploaded recordings. You may provide the names of speakers, some terminology, locations and acronyms used in your recordings to avoid incorrect spelling. Also you may provide some explanations concerning topic of the recording. All of this will help your transcription service to provide the best transcriptions.

Work with your transcription service and talk to them and together you will achieve the excellent results.


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