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Eight Questions to Ask your Transcription Service

If you need to have your recorded interviews, lectures, phone calls or discussions transcribed, welcome to transcription service. If it is the first time you use a transcription service, you can ask them several questions to ensure that you will receive professional transcriptions for reasonable price.

1. Are they using voice recognition software for transcription or an experienced human? Some companies use voice recognition software for the work and then make some corrections to ensure it is of “high” quality.

2. Price of transcription services. What is the structure of the transcription services? Are there any hidden charges or additional charges for several speakers, timestamps, bad sound quality of your recordings or depending on the level of accuracy required? Is there any limit to the number of speakers? Is proof reading included? You should know what you will receive for your money.

3. When you will receive your transcripts? Do they guarantee delivery time?

4. What formats of recordings do they support?

5. Do they want to know more details on your project before they can start transcription?

6. Do they have enough experience to work on the type of transcription you need doing? Do they have experienced legal or medical transcriptionists to transcribe your recordings?

7. Do they offer discounts based on volume of transcription?

8. Do they offer any correction or editing service? Is it included in the charge or you have to pay extra?


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