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Human Transcription VS Voice Recognition Software

Transcription services are used worldwide today. There are many voice recognition applications designed to read the speech of clearly spoken English. However, different people might have a different way of speaking which makes simply impossible for any software to take the place of human transcription that achieves a 99% accuracy on transcribing recordings.

Voice recognition software can be used as a supplement, but today technology is not advanced enough to completely replace humans. Some transcription services use voice recognition to increase the productivity of transcribers.

Professional transcription services still do get the transcription work done by humans and here’s why:

- Voice recognition software is only 50% accurate for real speech (interviews, lectures, focus groups etc.)

- When several people are talking, they will interrupt each other or speak at the same time, which pretty difficult to transcribe for professional transcriber and impossible for machine.

- Machines can’t customize transcription templates like humans.

- Loud background noise, rapid speech, different accents, bad recording quality and more can impact the accuracy of the resulting document.


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