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Why Transcribing Your Videos is Important?

Publishing your videos is a great marketing strategy and easy way to reach potential clients. Why do you need to have your video transcribed? People will watch video after all, aren’t they? Here are the benefits of using video transcription service.

1. The main reason to transcribe your video is due to Search Engine Optimization. When you post a video online, only video’s title is available for search engines indexing. Using video transcription services helps to create keyword rich content that is highly indexed. Having video transcriptions increases accessibility of your materials.

2. Having the contents of the video in text form allows people to quickly find a certain part in the transcript instead of playing the video over again. It also allows them to easily share the materials with others.

3. Some people may just scan the text document for information instead of watching the video. Especially those who want to take away the key points from your video will be happy to receive text transcription.

Transcribing video files can be time consuming. This is especially the case if there are multiple speakers, difficult words, phrases, special terminology or background noise. If you are looking for assistance with your video transcription, we can help. VoiceTranscribing is experienced at handling all types of transcription video files.


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